Roman Doric Order’s Column Package

Doric order is one of the most usable classical order in architecture.

This package contains a Roman version of Doric order. There is a high-poly and low-poly model of a column,
a pedestal and five entablature’s modules, which can be used in creating entablature of any form, length and width.
There are also two types of PBR stone materials (clean and dirty) and one 'white paint' PBR material included in
this package.
All textures have 2048 x 2048 resolution.

Amount of tris (high-poly):

Column: 2996 tris;
Pedestal: 276 tris;
Five entablature’s modules: 4628 tris;

Amount of tris (low-poly):

Column: 800 tris;
Pedestal: 100 tris;
Five entablature’s modules: 796 tris;


2.0 update:

  • Stone materials were updated
  • One additional 'White paint' PBR material was added