Modular Japanese Room

Do you like traditional Japanese rooms, its atmosphere? If you do, this package will be good for you.
It contains different modular parts of traditional Japanese room, so you can create your own one pretty easy using any presented parts.

We definitely recommend you to watch our video with some interesting facts and explanations and also a video of creating our demo room for better understanding the structure of the package.

This package includes:

- more than 100 prefabs of not only walls, pillars, doors, etc but also several interior objects like vases (2), table (1), floor pillow (1) and Japanese painting (1);
- 21 PBR materials;
- 4 demo scenes;
- AND! Full "Japanese Style Lowpoly Lamps Package" as bonus (which you can also find here.)

Tris amount of all meshes presented in this package:
34933 tris.

We would also be really glad to receive your feedback about this package! What you liked, what didn't, what kind of parts and objects you'd like to see.
Feel free to write us:

If we find out that this package is interesting enough for many people, we'll expand it in future.