Modular Japanese Room

Do you like traditional Japanese rooms, its atmosphere? If you do, this package will be good for you.
It contains different modular parts of traditional Japanese room, so you can create your own one pretty easy using any presented parts.

Ship Lights Package

“Ship Lights Package” contains 3 types of ship lights: “simple”, “with bars” and “with roof” (each of type has round and oval form of lamp).

Tuscan Order’s Column Package

Tuscan order is a simplified architectural Doric order, without any details on columns and entablature. This order was often used in architecture as well as other three classical architectural orders (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian).

Roman Doric Order’s Column Package

Doric order is one of the most usable classical order in architecture. This package contains a Roman version of Doric order. There is a high-poly and low-poly model of a column,
a pedestal and five entablature’s modules,